5-Steps To Make Your Office Space Healthier (Complete Interior Guide)

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5-Steps To Make Your Office Space Healthier (Complete Interior Guide)

Employees Happy and Smiling - Office Interior

A healthy work environment is very important for good productivity. It is possible only when your employees feel good while working. Office interior plays a big role in this. It has to be comfortable, healthy and attractive so that your employee can get inspired to work with enthusiasm every day. A monotonous work environment can never inspire an employee, in fact, it will affect his or her work efficiency and ability to focus. There are many professional office interior designers in Mumbai who can help you to have an inspiring and attractive office. No matter whether you are building a new office or want to renovate an old one, an innovative commercial interior designer in Mumbai is all you need to make a trendy and perfect workplace. Bad lights and suffocating cabins can badly affect the health of your employees so its important to provide them a healthy work environment. Here is a complete guide for you which will help you to choose perfect stuff for your office:  

1. Enough natural light:

Natural Light Coming in Office room

Employees work in the office for 8 to 9 hours and they can’t spend the whole time under a tube light. Human eyes are used to work in natural light and it acts according to changes in its intensity. Natural light is also essential to keep the brain active for the whole 9 hours. We can not replace it with artificial light as it will be harsh on the eyes. It can cause itchiness in the eye and headache. A professional office interior designer always makes sure that the office is getting enough natural light so the employees can work efficiently. For this, designers usually choose wide glass windows which also look lavish and cool from outside. In spite of cabins, designers suggest desks so that walls will not create a barrier for light. This will lighten the mood of your employees and they will feel productive. Also, it will save electricity and cost for you.  

2. Space for lunch and relaxation:

Office Cafeteria Room Design

Most modern office interior designers keep this in mind. They know how important it is to provide special spare space to the employees so that they can have their food or just go to sit there for a while to relax. Sitting on the same desk for a whole day is neither enjoyable nor healthy. Employees may lose their interest. Also, Sitting in the same position for the whole day is dangerous for the spine also. Employees may suffer from backache or neck pain. However, having a lounge area or a separate break out room will bring a change. This space can also be used for informal discussions which will improve bonding between employees. They can share their thoughts and experiences with each other. This will create a healthy environment in the office. A modern commercial interior designer will definitely understand the need for a break out space and will surely design one for you.

3. Take care of elasticity:

Office Interior Design

Make sure you have movable furniture in your office so that arrangements can be changed whenever needed. It will be good for your employees also as they will feel free and not bounded somewhere. They will be able to adjust their chairs and tables according to their comfort. They can even fix the height of the chair so that their neck and back will not hurt while working. An innovative office interior designer can suggest trendy commercial design ideas for flexible furniture. You can also order customized office furniture if any of your employees have a special need (differently abled). Choose those types of furniture which have wheels and nut bolts so that you can move or remove them whenever you need. Foldable furniture can also be used for example tables and chairs. In case someone wants to change their chair or table then they can replace it with foldable one for some time.

4. Make it Inspiring:

Inspiring quotes on Office Wall

Focusing only on furniture and walls is not enough. Choose some showpiece or paintings which look good and inspiring. You can select some statues like laughing Buddha or some nice art pieces. You can also buy some hanging slates for your walls which have inspiring quotes. It will be helpful for those who are having a hard time. It can be their personal problems or work-related issues. These inspiring things will keep them cheered up and away from depression and stress. You can also ask your office interior designer to add a speaker in the walls so that light music can be played in the background if your business does not involve client calls and meetings. Music has immense power to soothe the soul and mind. It provides peace of mind. It will also keep the environment alive and energetic.

5. Separate area for various activities:

Employees Playing Football Table Game in Office

Every activity needs a separate place. Not everything can happen in a single hall. So, ask your interior designer to plan accordingly. Today’s office design trend is set to keep our employees happy, so it is better to create an activity room for releasing stress of them. Talk to your interior designer about how many separate rooms you are expecting and for which activities so that he can design well. You can plan for a games room which can be used in break time for playing indoor games like carrom, chess, ludo etc. It will give them a break from their routine tasks of making reports and meeting deadlines. A canteen can also be designed if you have enough space and budget so that food will not mess the desks and it will be easy to maintain hygiene. A small library can also be a good option where you can put some inspiring books and autobiographies. Reading is good for one’s mental health. You can also store your stationery there.

These tips will be very helpful for you to make your office healthier, attractive and productive. Your employees will not feel bored or monotonous. This kind of interior will bring positive energy to your office. A professional commercial interior designer will help you to achieve this.

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