How Can Office Interior Design Affect Your Productivity?

What to Look for When Hiring an Interior Design Firm
December 20, 2018

How Can Office Interior Design Affect Your Productivity?

How many times have you thought of your office work environment? Research has proven the relationship between business success & productivity with an efficient interior design. An efficient office environment has proven to have a positive effect on the employee as well. Companies are largely focussing on the infrastructural effect on the business. Companies that understand the importance of workplace infrastructure give their employees creative freedom for optimized results. An effective working environment should not only be considered as the relationship between colleagues, but also upon the physical setting. Nowadays a lot of companies are striving to achieve a comfortable physical working environment. Office interior designers are specialised in helping create impressions by enhancing the office décor with their innovative designs. This helps to elevate work culture of the employees. Office interior designs affect productivity in the following ways:

  • Physical strain: ergonomic designs are physical structures which provide comfort in an office setting. These are designed by taking highly technical measurements. For example; the height of the desk, wrist angle, table height & chair corresponding table height. All these specifications if done appropriately will reduce the effect of sprain/strain injuries.
  • Reduced Absenteeism: a good working environment results in less absenteeism in the workers. The reason is they are “happy” to work. Physical stress at the office will reduce & employees will give more time for creativity. A good infrastructure of the office environment will maintain physical fitness of the employees.
  • High morale: when employees have good physical environment to work, their morale will always be high. They will work in high spirits & deliver the best for the company. Physical fatigue at work place is seldom a reaction to the physical stress caused at work place.  
  • Creative atmosphere: every workplace is different & work projects are also different. Interior designs are exclusive to the type of work done in a company. Such exclusive interior designs allow for specific creative ideas to be worked upon. Such as a TV advertising company can have brighter colours with abstract designs or an executive workplace will have much subtle colours. This allows more ideas & creativity to flow in the same field.
  • Better work results: many employees suffer headaches due to poor lighting & fixtures. Interior designers create better atmosphere through proper lighting. Employees feel more comfortable & healthier. A bad lighting can create a sort of unhealthy pressure amongst employees & steer them away from important tasks.
  • Interior design represents the face of your company: strive to have interiors which relate best with your company’s mission. A company’s ambience has a direct correlation to what it wants to strive.

All companies thrive to achieve higher results with every growing year. This is indeed a joint effort of all the employees. Concentrating on achieving these goals, it makes all the more important for organisations in building a great work force by providing better work conditions. This can be achieved if the employee is happy from all dimensions. The physical dimension has a direct effect on mental & emotional dimensions. Sometimes, the company loses its importance in the market scenario only because of its productivity. Seldom companies overlook the importance of amiable working conditions & do not emphasize on interiors of a company.

Changing or upgrading the company’s infrastructure can change the workforce behaviour & attitudes of the company. Greater the comfort, flexibility of the work space & privacy issues sorted, more will be work related talks. Nevertheless, nowadays a lot of companies are not treating sending money for improving the workplace environment as wasted money. Companies consider it as an additional investment for their employees. Such an investment is crucial in terms of long-term gains expected from employees. A happy working place is all you need to extract work without inhibitions. Apart from other changes in the workplace, change of interiors is being considered on high priority with various organisations & business workplaces; because it clearly reflects what the business is expecting from the goals it has set in forthcoming years.  

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Ar. Ronjeta Prasad Gavandi

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