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March 2, 2019
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How to Choose the Right Interior Designer in Mumbai

Choosing the right interior designer is indeed an excellent idea to get yourself consult with a talented as well as a well-known interior designer in Mumbai for your new home or exceptional renovation. However, interior designing is not just limited to or we can say just about wall colors, floor patterns, window treatments or exotic furnishings. It is just a view of what a designer can add to your home. These professionals have the talent of going beyond aesthetic concerns and make sure that space feels more sweet sounding and pleasant, right from its architectural design and a floor plan to the last tassel, wall paint or tuft.

However, just like every fascinating thing comes with a price tag, so are the interior designers in Mumbai. Also, you are giving them the responsibility of making your home beautiful, and you cannot compromise on this ground. And hence, choosing the famous interior designers in Mumbai is really imperative for you.

Here are some major tips for you to store in your mind that are suggested by some interior design firms in Mumbai:

1. Research thoroughly:

To start with this Major and an important part, it would be advisable that you seek some help, advises, suggestions and recommendations from your friends, relatives or colleagues if they have ever get it done before or have some experience into the field, working with a good interior designer. If they had an interior designing done at their home just a few days back, you can check the quality of work done and have some surety.

Ask them whether they are happy or not with what they just got done at their home, with the results. Moreover, we are lately a part of this modern era, so you can anytime browse the internet, check online client testimonials and feedback. Based on that research done by you on your own, you may list down the names and contact numbers of top 4 to 5 designers.

2. Identify your style:

Before going into a search list of interior designers and interviewing them, what an imperative thing is that you need to know what your style is. Give yourself some time and check some websites that can help you in any case you are a little confused about. It is important for you to Know your personal style so that you can explain the same to that person what exactly you want.

It will also help you in hiring the right person for the job. Many designers have their own signature style, though the best ones are those who adapt to your preferences.

3. Meet with designers:

Once you know about your decisions, it is the time for you to meet the designers face to face. Usually, they don’t charge for this, but it would be good for you to ask about it over the phone.

4. Check their portfolio:

Half of your work can get easy if you check the designer’s portfolio which is the best example of his or her quality of work.

5. Ask questions from them:

Right from knowing about their work experience into the field, do not forget to question them about what kind of materials they use, how they can creatively, and the most appealing way present your design idea, how unique they can be.

6. Discuss the Budget:

Once you are done and convinced with their working style and portfolio, finalize the cost. This varies from designer to designer. everyone has their own rates so you beforehand, discuss the budget you have set and if the designer is willing to work at that price, negotiate on services they can and cannot offer.

If you are comfortable with the budget, make sure you keep a buffer of 20 percent of your total budget for wear and tear and various different purchases.

7. Background Check

Once you are done with shortlisting the designers that for your bill, do a background check of them. Know about their education which must include specialization and institution, projects they have worked on, people they have worked under if any, and their experience for sure. We hope these tips help you to choose the right interior design firms in Mumbai for your home or office.

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