Top Interior Designing Secrets to Enhance Your Space

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January 24, 2019
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January 24, 2019

Top Interior Designing Secrets to Enhance Your Space

What is more beautiful than living in a home whose interiors reflects your lifestyle, passions, and interests? Your house is the products of your lifelong saving, and hence it should do more than providing an abode. Your interiors should have that wow factor which gets a positive comment from every guest. If you don’t know how the houses featured on the magazine and in cinemas look so mesmerizing; here are some top interior designing secrets to turn your house akin to it.

1. Create a focal point

Have something that can draw eyes towards it. One classic example of this is a fireplace. Everything else can follow once you have established a focal point. Clever joinery also grabs attention if filled with statement sculptures. Create a decorative niche around the wall where your TV is kept. Punchy pieces of artwork can also create a focal point. Go for wall stickers and murals along with contrasting paintwork.

2. Raise the ceiling

A low ceiling makes the room appear small and restrictive. If you do not have a raised ceiling, fear not as you can trick the eyes into it. To give an illusion of a higher ceiling, paint the coving and the skirting the same color as that of the wall. Another way to provide a heightened appearance is by inserting items such as tall mirrors and floor to ceiling curtains. Vertical strip can further aid in this process.

3. Balance the scheme

You can introduce any color into your space a long as it in harmony with other elements. Space out your accent color and do not keep it in one place. For example, if you introduce a blue patterned cushion to your grey sofa, place blue chairs in the corners along with a central table with a blue cover. But the key in balancing is not to overload the design in the process of adding new flavors.

4. Mix material

A single tone will never achieve an interior designer look. Though it is safer to design by matching everything, mixing material adds elegance in the space. Variations create depth and give a layered finish. Even a single color can achieve diversification with different textures.

5. Personalize

No doubt that an interior designer can design your home, but it is never complete unless you personalize it. Choose what you want to display in the walls or inject items into your design which you have collected throughout the years such as gorgeous shells, books, and photos. Interior designer can design your house once and for all, but you have the power to personalize it forever.

These secrets can make the difference in the appeal within your budget. But if you want a professional at this job, meet an interior design consultant who can turn your house into an elegant one. Interior designers are trained professionals who know exactly what will suit the allocated space the best and what can improve the aesthetics of the room.

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